Woodworking Resources!

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Woodworking has changed since I spent my formative years helping my dad by supporting a sheet of plywood as it came screaming out the other end of his table saw. Today, there are immense resources and some of my favorites are available on Youtube. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite channels. This is not a ranking, and not a critique but rather a compilation of some of my go-to channels when I need inspiration and mentoring.

  • Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Steve Ramsey offers insight to all-things woodworking on a budget! His beginner friendly channel is a great go-to for knowledge and a starter for anyone looking to get in to woodworking.

  • Jay’s Custom Garage

Jay Bates offers a more in-depth look at several projects, and I find a great treasure-trove of shop projects. Any woodworker knows that the best part of building, is creating their own space and shop and Jay has a great foundation of projects.

  • Chris Salomone

Great channel for fine furniture design. The calming aesthetic and beautiful mid-century modern design make this a great channel to learn and enjoy.

  • Longview Woodworking

Jon Peters is another go-to for fine woodworking. Whether you are looking for a tutorial on a rustic deck table or finely-crafted built-in cabinets, this channel is wonderful for its aesthetic and finely crafted woodworking. Jon’s shop is also really cool.

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