Can Books Have Soundtracks?

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WoodWrite was talking with someone to help draft an engaging query letter with the hopes of drawing the interest of potential agents to read Dishonored, WoodWrite’s debut novel. Part of that discussion related to a line describing the book’s setting as “against an Appalachia-inspired soundtrack.” This person, who WoodWrite greatly respects, said that this was the “language of movies” and that “books do not have soundtracks.” That got WoodWrite thinking. Can a book have a soundtrack?

Dishonored was written with music in mind. The main character, Jeff Coburn, is from the rural southeast and carries his iPod with him everywhere. His playlist is constantly running through his head and assists in setting multiple scenes and developing his persona. My goal was for this book to have a soundtrack, to have a musical theme.

I distinctly remember growing up and reading Stephen King in my bedroom. The album playing in the background always happened to be Chuck Mangione. To this day, when I hear Chuck’s flugelhorn, my mind drifts back to reading Richard Bachman’s (King’s pseudonym) The Regulators while laying face down on my bed immersed in the story. For me, that book had a soundtrack and it was Chuck Mangione’s An Evening of Magic.

But, books do not have speakers, the entire story takes place in the reader’s head. So, how do you get the feeling of the music to come through the story? You could describe the sound of each song and detail the setting. Or, since it is 2022, you could include a Spotify playlist to which the reader can link. So, that’s what I’ve done. Maybe books don’t have soundtracks, but my book does. Below, you will find the playlist for WoodWrite’s debut novel, Dishonored. Check it out, and make sure to put it on when the book comes out.

In case you’re interested, here are a few links. Both get the WW stamp of approval. Any purchase you make will help support WoodWrite. Thanks!

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